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Voices Carry, by James Arzente

Voices Carry

“Voices Carry” is about our culture defining the ideal life. The central figure represents beauty - faceless, ageless, gazing introspectively. The distorted reflections from a pool of water accept the coins tossed in, each a wish or dream. Gazing at the dreams in the water, she still sees herself despite the distorted ripples.

Faceless figures on either side whisper to her, telling her who she is and what she should become. To the far left, a self-absorbed woman gazes at her hand as if it were a mirror. Opportunities swirl around her. The neutrality of the central figure is offset by the coolness of the whispering figure on the right and the passion of reds on the left. The contrasting mixed information shows who we are and what we are told we should be.


Special pricing effective through June 2006. $1,450.00 plus shipping, unframed.